Why can't I use the compostable/biodegradable bags and liners? The local stores sell them, so why aren't they allowed?

    While some local retailers sell these bags, they are NOT accepted in our organics program. These bags do not break down quickly enough. Our composting process occurs over a short period and these bags can take years to fully break down. This results in plastics left behind in finished compost.

    Also, these bags look the same as other plastics and the staff who try to remove plastic from organics cannot differentiate between the two. They have to remove everything. if it looks like plastic, it IS plastic!

    What can I use in my small green bin to help keep it clean?

    Use paper products such as cereal boxes, pizza boxes, paper bags (McDonalds, NSLC, flour/sugar bags etc.), or newspaper in your kitchen to help keep everything clean. Retailers also sell paper products for this specific purpose.

    Can I place dog/pet waste bags in my green cart?

    No. Animal waste belongs in your garbage.